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S. A. Smith and Zeek Productions will be featured here. 

Steven A. Smith is the creative brain behind Zeek Productions. His pseudonym is Zeek, and he is probably best known for his musical project ZEEKtheFREAK.

He is a Lyricist, singer-songwriter, musician, author, editor, painter, entertainer, compère, philosopher, humorist, editor, and Dundonian.

Originating from Dundee in Scotland, he has lived in the Netherlands since 1979.

This website will give you an insight into all of his projects.

September 2022

S. A. Smith / Zeek Productions are working with Maus Muziek to produce an album for singer/ musical star Diana Borst - Hof.

Zeek Productions will be doing the lyrical side of the project, with Maus Muziek writing the music. This album is to feature well-known and famous musicians from the Dutch music scene. Expected later this year or early next year.

UPDATE: We have found a name for this band/project. It is to be called Lady Madive. The website: will be online later this year. For more information:

August 2022

Zeek Productions' work on the ZEEKtheFREAK acoustic album 'The Drowning Man' has had to be put on hold until further notice. Due to the priorities of other projects and the recording was not going as planned Dutch music scene. The album will now not be released until, at least, the end of the year.


The lyrics are from the songs of the bands of Happy Psycho Records and the lyrics that S. A. Smith wrote for the Songwriting Collective with Maus Muziek. Email for more information or to contact him for lyrics for your song.


Artwork, silly photos, Quotes and anecdotes created in the master brain of Zeek Productions. Made to make you smile, never to annoy you, hopefully, make you think, and make you fart.

The Manuscript of Fools

Stories, novels, and poems written by Mr Zeek Productions himself, S. A. Smith. These will be available soon to download. These will not be available anywhere else.

Add yourself to the email list to receive some written work when it will be available


Photos were taken with the vision and the view of the life of S.A. Smith. See his world and travel on his adventures with him from the convenience of your comfy chair. Photos are available for use. Ask for some samples.

Happy Psycho Records

The record label behind most of the musical projects, ZEEKtheFREAK, Insanity Suits, and My Celtic Faith are just a few of the bands falling under the Happy Psycho banner

Dodgy B'tards Promotions

Promoting the crap out of stuff most companies avoid like the plague. Bands, artwork, literature, and photos are just a few things these sneaky b'tards will promote


Under the name Zeek, he has performed on many theatrical projects, On stage, or parades, or even as compère at a metal festival he has also had a cameo appearance in a major Dutch movie. 

Charity Work

Steve has been involved with many charities and charity festivals. Especially The Feelgood Festival, a festival he devised and created in Alkmaar. This was created to get donations for the local Children's hospital and enable bands to perform on a big stage.

External Project Websites

External Project Websites