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INSANITY SUITS...New musical project with Lennaert Roomer and Lars Vrasdonk

THE MANUSCRIPT OF FOOLS...the literature work of Zeek including his novels, poetry etc

ZEEKtheFREAK...Zeek's original and best-known musical project

The FOOLS FUNNYBONE...The tabloid that brings you the real fake news straight from Zeek's head

MY CELTIC FAITH...Zeek's Celtic band, playing traditional and original rock songs

THE DROWNING MAN...Zeek's new musical project that has as yet not been officially released

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NEWSLETTER...New to fans, friends or followers of Zeek or any of his projects. Hopefully four times a year, but we will access the situation and change the plan according to interest.

TO RECEIVE THE NEWSLETTER...Soon we will post an email address and you can apply, but for now, we will use: info@zeekproductions.com.

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ZEEKtheFREAK album

Insanity Suits album.

A new musical project

The Fools Funnybbone number 4

His Children's book as yet untitled)

More news later

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