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The musical projects

ZEEKtheFREAK is the best-known of all of Zeek's music projects since 1996 when Zeek started writing and recording music after a sabbatical of ten years.
Through the years, Zeek has performed with many different musicians on stage but still writes and records the music himself.
For more information, visit the Official website.

Zeek D'Accoustique is just a cool way of saying ZEEKtheFREAK unplugged live.
Whether playing solo or with Bas (the Rebel Jesus) Lute, they play mostly ZEEKtheFREAK songs, with the occasional cover song.
Check out the Zeek D'Accoustique Facebook page.

My Celtic Faith is Zeek's Scottish project. With this project, he will perform original and traditional songs with a band.
Coming soon is mycelticfaith.com, but for now, check out the MCF Facebook and Instagram pages.

Insanity Suits is a music project Zeek has created with Frostbyte (Lennaert Roomer) from the Freak band and Lars Vrasdonk, ex-bassist from MCF and Fill Bloom.
This project has been ten years in the making but has still to get off the ground.
The website is also not available yet, so check out the Facebook page.

The writing projects

Zeek is known for his writing of short stories. Having created 2 novels with his humour, he hopes to release a children's book in the near future.

Apart from his own musical projects, Zeek, under his real name Steven A. Smith, also writes lyrics for other artists/ bands/ projects. If you need assistance with a song, you can email him for info/pricing etc

This is Zeek Productions' best-known writing project. First produced in the 1980s, it was the follow-up fanzine to B.U.M.S. A fanzine produced by the Infamous Zeek & Giz. The website: 


Happy Psycho Records is Zeek's record company, which he uses for his musical projects. Happy Psycho Records was born out of the ashes of The Infamous Idiotic Label, which produced all of ZEEKtheFREAK's earlier releases. The Snap-on Brothers and The Infamous ZEEK & GIZ were also a part of the old record label. Check out the Facebook page or the website or email.

Dodgy B'tards Promotions produces most of Zeek's work, working closely with Zeek Productions to promote any of Zeek's projects.

Check out the Facebook Page

other PROjects

Zeek designs his own artwork, sometimes strange, but always original

Zeek has an eye for snapping things that normal people don't see

For more photo's, check out